Review: Numbers Rule Your World

I really don’t do book reviews, but this is an exception. And I’m still in the middle of reading it, too. Kaiser Fung, a Cambridge-Harvard-Princeton -educated statistician with probably too many degrees than he knows what to do with (sic student for life), recently had a book published with the title “Numbers Rule Your World”.
I’m only a couple of chapters into the tome, and so far it’s pretty good. If you ever wanted to figure out why stoplights are installed on some ramps at highways, he’ll provide you with the answer. (SPOILER ALERT: It’s to help in regulating the flow of traffic.)
The McGraw Hill-published book reads like Freakonomics, with a slant toward statistics and probability in an easy-to-read format and language, to help us to stay informed about everyday stuff that we take for granted. For folks who have inquisitive minds about why stuff is there and what happens, I suggest reading Fung’s book, which was recommended by a friend who also seems to be into understanding innocuous bits of circumstance.
At 208 pages it’s a quick read on those subway trips between your home and work, and you’ll be done soon enough to pass Numbers on to the next fellow or to keep on your bookshelf forever unnoticed (or almost forever unnoticed, anyway).


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